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That's because your smartphone will be re-indexing your data.From contacts to app data, everything that can be searched using Spotlight on the i Phone needs to be re-categorised and sorted by the operating system.There are a plethora of brilliant new features and hidden tricks discover – not to mention, settings to tweak and play around – which will all take their toll on your battery.Your i Phone is also likely to be installing a ton of updates from the App Store.First of all, updating your Apple Watch to the latest operating system is pretty simple. That’s not clearly stated anywhere, as far as we can tell, so if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, that could be what’s causing your upgrade to stall.Launch your Apple Watch app on your i Phone, tap on General, and then on Software Update. If it finds one, tap on Download and Install, and let the i Phone app do its thing. To successfully update your smartwatch’s OS, first be sure your Apple Watch is in range of your i Phone.

For example, a small i OS x.0.1 update can be as little as 40MB OTA, because it contains only a couple of bug fixes.Apple regularly releases updates to the i Phone's operating system, which you can then download and install through your phone's wireless connection.After your phone downloads the update files, it displays a message declaring "Preparing Update." As the message suggests, your i Phone is preparing the files necessary to install and configure the new update.One user reported seeing his i Phone “drop from 100 to 85 percent in probably an hour, pretty bad”.“The i OS 11 really kills my i Phone 6s battery. One user shared on Twitter: “Noticed today that my battery is draining a little faster with the new i OS.Also sending messages is a little slower I think.”But honestly, this is to be expected. Major i OS releases will hammer the battery on your device much faster during the first few days of use.

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