Spinal cord injury dating

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After a successful wheelchair racing career where Bert won a gold medal in the Paralympics, he went on to create Uro Med, Inc., a urological supply company that he hoped would make a difference to people with disabilities. “Having Joy and our twins, William and Emma, makes me the luckiest guy in the world,” he says.“I truly have an amazing life.” Today, Bert devotes considerable time as a motivational speaker for youth with disabilities, rehabilitation programs, medical education seminars and other community events.That way your date can decide if that’s a factor or not. You need to decide whether or not it’s appropriate, depending on your age and relationship level.In my case, the secret to success for being married has been knowing Joy so well – we both understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and play to those.He has discovered that no matter how grave the situation, no matter how discouraging, there are always possibilities for good and for growth. Next week, Bert will be talking about the Joys of Marriage, followed by Living Happily Ever After and What About Divorce?February 14, 2006 Dating is hard enough in the best of times; after a spinal cord injury, insecurities about body image and doubts about one's desirability as a romantic partner can become a major concern.As questions came up about what the future together might look like, Brad found that communicating openly about all the fears and questions they both had was the only way to make it work."We talked about everything; there was no taboo," he said.

A: I usually talk on the 1 date about things I can or can’t do, so it’s not a white elephant in the room. Depending on your date and your age, the sex talk comes up pretty early too, usually by the 2 date.At a restaurant, do you want to sit in a booth and transfer or sit at a table and stay in your chair. When we go on vacation,walks on the beach and hikes into the mountains are out of the question.Instead, we go on cruises, hang by the pool, scuba dive and snow ski together.Hiding things in this area will only surprise both of you later, at what will probably be the wrong time rather than the right one. A: Yes, if you are an individual who has just become disabled, please don’t give up on trying to do things you may not be able to do today. Or you can go home and say, “These are the cards I was dealt, and I’m going to make the most of them.” If that’s the choice you make, you’ll be OK.It may not work today, or tomorrow, but you’ll adapt and find a way to make it happen even if it’s a month from now. Stay Tuned for Part Two: The Joys Of Marriage If there is one thing that Bert Burns knows about, it’s possibilities.

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