Reasons for dating a soccer player

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Born and raised in Mid-Southern Upstate New York, Stephen holds a master's degree in public communications. The singer and the soccer superstar went for a dinner date in London on Tuesday -- after Neymar played for Team Brazil in an international friendly against England.Girls be ready to go to a ton of games when dating a soccer player, just ask the Spice Girl herself!Being in great shape comes with being a soccer player.

Who knows maybe that third baseman you have had your eye on since he walked into your stats class is going to be your knight in shining amour.

Some stereotypes associated with the sport of baseball are: Baseball players have great butts Baseball players have inflated egos Baseball players know how to read all the signs Today soccer is the most watched sport in the world.

David Beckham has made sure to keep the lime light on his favorite sport as well by introducing to Miami his future plans of establishing a soccer team here.

In high school whether the team had a winning record or not fans rallied around the football team.

Everyone knew the Quarterbacks name and most of the time he was the stud of the school.

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