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29: Layla El Amazingly, right now Layla is the most tenured active female wrestler on the roster.They held onto them for another 251 days until the titles were unceremoniously abandoned in 1989.It was a popular pairing that showed how versatile Holly could be.Had she stayed clean, she could have had a great rivalry challenging Sable as the female face of the company.Once she debuted, though, she was stuck with a silly gimmick.In a final low blow by the WWE, they released Marie while she was on maternity leave.Stratus’ star clearly shined brighter than those two, and she broke out on her own edge lita dating real life.

Her WWE run though didn’t start until 1999, but it continues to this day.Along with her partner Leilani Kai, the two formed The Glamour Girls.Chyna showed that she was never afraid to get involved.The couple s impending divorce ended any plans for the television show..It all started with the Fabulous Moolah s 28-year run with the WWF Women s Championship (which dated to the NWA Women s Championship).

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