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It was very much an exploratory trip with the group working out the best route up the mountain, the best method of carrying skis on a pack horse and assessing the best places to ski.

They reported that the direct walking track was too steep and slippery to be used regularly, but that the road was quite usable in winter. that suitable snow does lie on the mountain for many weeks during winter.

It its expected that a number of London-based firms will announce their post-Brexit plans in the coming weeks.

Last week it was reported that the Irish government has secured deals with more than a dozen London-based financial houses and banks which will see the firms move some of their business to Ireland.

But a few reminders of its heyday are hidden in the forest among the beech trees.

This is a book length article of 30,000 words with over 80 photos and maps. Skiing - Ski runs - Crowding - Volunteer work parties - Other activities - A film of skiing on Donna Buang in the 1920s - Administration and ski politics - The ski jump4. Sources and thanks - Periodicals - Books - Web sites - Thanks There was some recreational skiing at Kiandra in New South Wales in the 1860s and 70s and interest was revived by the construction of the Hotel Kosciusko near Perisher in 1909 and to a lesser extent by the Buffalo Chalet in 1911.

Mt Donna Buang was the nearest mountain to Melbourne with reasonable snow cover.

It overlooked the bustling timber harvesting town of Warburton, which was only 76 kilometres by rail from the city and 38 kilometres from the terminus of the electrified suburban rail network at Lilydale.

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This changed in 1919 when the Norwegian born First World War nurse Hilda Samsing took over the lease of the Buffalo Chalet in north eastern Victoria .Shops began to stock ski clothing and equipment, ski clubs were founded and accommodation for skiers was built in a variety of locations in the Victorian high country.In 1925 alone, three new ski lodges opened on mountains in the north east the state.Subsequently, when introduced to skis, greater comedy was supplied by the visitors. The quantity of fallen timber which is met puts decided limits on the runs which may be had...’In the next few years, ski runs were cleared and groomed by summer work parties, the road was improved and accommodation for skiers was built on the mountain, so by the 1930s the experience of visitors was much more comfortable.The germ, was implanted in them, and full information as to “where are skis obtainable? Local interest in the mountain grew beyond promotion of tourism and the Warburton Ski Club was formed in late 1931, making it the ninth ski club in Victoria.* Warburton locals maintained first aid posts at the Ten Mile Turntable and the summit.

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