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@CGI_PIAvenir @sup_recherche Kjv Ybq N Lancement de l'appel à projets "Ouragans : Catastrophe, Risque et Résilience" pour améliorer les connaissances sur les catastrophes naturelles extrêmes.La recherche a beaucoup à apporter tant sur l'appréciation des risques, la préparation que la reconstruction @Agence Recherche Ld QIw Vn8 Le @CNRS labo #Geosciences Rennes #OSUR , l' @Univ Rennes1 & Sté d’ingénierie @itascacg créent un partenariat industriel d'expertise commune en #environnement: création d’un labo commun (Lab Com) pour 5 ans avec le soutien de l' @Agence Recherche cc @CNRS_DR17… been a number that I know of, they are simply put on the author list and become. who are spets that dont agree with the polemic and resign, and there have. I had scanned graphs from the IPCC report, etc, showing that CO2 followed temp changes by about years, and was not a cause for temp changes. (Caillon I think was the author of the graph I thinking about. At least there will eventually be clear evidence to examine. told me that I had contributed so it would remain there. contributed because they havent listened to anything I have said.

@CNRS @Agence Recherche @AEFsuprecherche @Polytechnique @Ecoledu Louvre @MINES_Paris Tech @Education France @Metz Metropole @citedessciences @Georgia Tech @franceculture PSJo Y Colloque #Edulum: Vanessa de Senarclens évoque une bibliothèque disparue, celle de Schloss Plathe…

And to build the number up to 2500 they have to start taking reviewers and government. I do not feel comfortable including the quotes I have following the above title as I cannot give proper attribute to individual(s).

And, I dont think that prophet or seer would be found in the resume of Seitz. I trying to reconstruct quotes I have gathered from over the years from various sources.

I was horrified to read the 2nd and 3rd assessment reports (of the IPCC reports) because there was so much misinformation without any kind of recourse or virtually without mention of the scientific literature, the truly scientific literature, the literature by spets in those fields. These quotes are from a review I did to better understand the possibility of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

This claim that the IPCC is the worlds top 00 or 2500 scientists. bibliography of the people and it is simply not true. If I find a mistake such as I made above, I will correct it.

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